Taking an Addictive Medication with Chronic Pain


I have Fibromyalgia. What that basically means is for the rest of my life I will have chronic pain, and take medicine for it. I would also like to mention that I am 19 years old. I’ve had pain throughout my body for a pretty large portion of my life. Recently it got so bad that I was crying at night, and visited the E.R. about 3 times in one week. One day it would be my legs, then my torso, then my arms, then my legs again, and so on. I must of had about 60 vials of blood taken from me in the course of a month or two, a cat-scan, a few x-rays, 5 morphine shots, and a few specialist. Finally they said Fibromyalgia, usually a condition that women over 35 get, rarely a Teen.

The medicine I’ve been taking for my pain is Oxycodone. I was afraid to take this regularly but my doctors insured me that a lot of people take it on the regular and are active healthy people. Even with this, I still restricted myself. I told myself that it was only going to be two 5 mg tablets every day, spaced out, no more. I discussed my fear of getting “Addicted” with my longtime Therapist, who went on to assure me that my fear was ridiculous. If you don’t have a great therapist with a sassy new york accent, I’m going to give my fellow Fibro Warriors the same pep talk. The only danger with taking a medicine like this is using it when it’s not necessary. That would be called an emotional addiction. When you have chronic pain, you have a LIGITIMATE condition that caused your doctor to prescribe a medication to help you. These disorders are often referred to as “Invisible Illnesses”, and trust me; I know how crazy that can make you feel. Your pain is real, Please, take your meds. If you are like me and have trouble, ask someone who cares and understands to remind you to take your meds when the pain gets bad. If you don’t have anyone, there are plenty of supportive apps and forums out there where you can reach out to other Chronic Pain sufferers. My very caring Boyfriend will suggest that I take another pill when he sees me having trouble, and that helps a lot. Hugs and soft head pets also helps..

Soft Hugs!





2 thoughts on “Taking an Addictive Medication with Chronic Pain

  1. hi emily 🙂 I really enjoy reading your posts. have you ever looked into the guaifenesin protocol? my mother has had fibromyalgia pretty much her whole life but about 10 years ago discovered this and she’s been totally symptom-free since; it was nothing short of a miracle for her, and i remember my dad and I being so happy to have her pain-free and energetic. i’m not trying to ‘sell’ you anything so to speak, but it is truly a cure for a lot of people. you should definitely try it; it’s cheap and you have nothing to lose! hope you have a wonderful and happy year xoxo


    1. Hi Violet! Thank you so much for the tip, I’m looking into it, and it sounds really interesting. Definitely something to look into and bring up to my new doctor 🙂 That’s incredible that you mom got rid of her pain, I hope to be like her one day. Happy new year to you as well, and thank you for reading and commenting, it means a lot 🙂 XOXO Emily


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