Why are we here?


I don’t really know how this whole ‘blogging’ thing works. I think I talk about my life, who I am, whatnot and so fourth… Truth be told, I’ve never been too honest online except for when I had a youtube channel. I have bipolar disorder, depression, sleep disorder, and anxiety. Combined these powers make me Captain Planet©! Money is hard to come by, but I feel like I try to live a good life. I’m in love with Emily and that’s a huge taboo thing. I guess I don’t know where to being, so I just won’t say much, but just enough to know where I need to start off.



I’m a professional Dreamer. I look for beauty in everything, and like to surround myself with things that make me happy. I’ve spent about half my life inside a doctors waiting room or an E.R. I’ve dealt with anxiety, depression, insomnia, stomach issues, and pain my entire life. To be more specific, Chronic Pain. Recently I was told that I have Fibromyalgia, and I can’t function without horse tranquilizers, jasmine green tea, and my Puffin, whom I’m madly in love with. Normally when you have problems in your life you turn to your family and friends, but we don’t have much. Maybe that’s the reason we made a blog together..Because apparently It’s everyone’s business that he and I are 8 years apart.



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