The Story Of Tinkerbell

As you can see, in the family picture that I drew, my puppies are a big part of my family. Since I was little I always wanted a little dog. I’ve always been a big stuffed animal lover, so at one point I had a Poodle collection, then it was Dalmatians, then it was red and white dogs, and then build-a-bears. I still love my suffies, and I still sleep with them shamelessly.  I could never get a dog when I was living with my mother because we always had cats. I love all animals, but I still had that longing for a dog. My Boyfriend moved to where we are and got a loft like apartment with lots of space so that when I graduated I could live with him.

In the fall of last year, he and I were in New Jersey Visiting family, and we randomly decided to go to a Pet Store that I pointed out. I fell in love with a male maltese puppy, and from then on Tim promised me that in November of 2014 he would get me a puppy. Now, with most people I’m used to them not going through with promises, but a quality that Tim has is he is a man of his word.

The man at the Pet Store in my town said that they were getting in Malteses at a certain day. My mom took me to see them because Tim was at work, and at this point I was not living with him yet. “Here she is..” the man said. Originally, I had wanted a boy maltese, but when I saw that tiny little girl maltese puppy, I did not care. He handed me her and she fit in my two hands. She lay there, belly up, and closed her eyes calmly. I knew that she was the one I wanted.


A week later, Tim and I came to pick her up, and like he said, on his first check in November I was granted the company of my first puppy. I named her Tinkerbell, because I have a disney superstition about pet names, and because I’m obsessed with Peter Pan. I got her a little jingly collar and stayed with her sometimes at the apartment while Tim was at work, and sometimes at my Mom’s house. At this time in my life I was going through one of my depressed stages, and was trying out a bunch of new medications that were not working for me, so this was very therapeutic.


A year later, I recently just celebrated her first birthday and made her and Pluto a pupcake. Soon a post will be made about Pluto, but perhaps I’ll get My Puffin to do that one 😉

Now that I live with Tim I get to be with my Puppies all the time, and it’s so rewarding. I take them for baths and showers with me every 2 weeks or so, and they sleep in bed with us. They are very cuddly, but also hypoallergenic, which is good for my health problems.  I never regret them, always love.






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