8 Tips For Dealing With Chronic Pain


In my first post about my Fibro, (Click here to read) I briefly mentioned that my boyfriend is very helpful with my process; and he is, more than I can express. It got me thinking of more things that help me personally when I have flare ups, and working with my body to be prepared for them. I’ve compiled a list of things that help me, and may also help you with your Chronic pain. I find its much more helpful to read blog post from those who have unique advice other than reading a “wiki how textbook” how to post. (Yeah, yeah, we all know sleep and plenty of water is helpful for everything, wiki, you aren’t helping). So here it is in no particular order.

  1. Jasmine Green Tea. Holy, Moly, I’ve never craved green tea so much in my life than now. I drink it 2-3 times a day. First thing in the morning with my pain med (My Puffin brings it to me, sweetly)It not only has inflammation reducing and pain reducing properties, but it’s also delicious. Jasmine Green tea is my favorite, but there are hundreds of calming comforting teas out there. Try some until you find the one that clicks.
  2. Stuffed animals. Yes, I am that 5″9 nineteen year old girl that brings her stuffies to the E.R.during really bad flare ups. It is extremely comforting. I’ve also slept with one in my arms my entire life, not just because it’s snuggly, but because it puts my arms in a flattering position to reduce neck pain in the morning.
  3. Heating Pad. I have never owned a heating pad until my Fibromyalgia got this intense. If i’m out and about and I get a flare, we go home I crawl in bed, take a pill, and turn on the heating pat. I place it in the place that hurts most, and rotate as needed. Very helpful
  4. Fluffy Blankets. A big comforting blanket is a must whenever you don’t feel good. My favorite for a while was my Calvin Klein plush, but my new favorite is my white Ralph Lauren Faux Fur blanket. Check Marshalls for good deals.
  5. A helping hand. Yes that picture above was drawn by me, (As is all the drawings on our blog) and it represents a sweet thing my boyfriend does for me. My hands/arms are sometimes the flare victim to my pain, so every now and then he will wash my hair for me while I’m in the tub. Sometimes even taking a shower can cause so much fatigue that it’s nice to get some help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  6. Always keep extra pills on you. This one I sometimes forget to do, but when I remember I’m always grateful.
  7. Invest in bigger clothing. I know this is a weird tip, but even if it’s one size up in that sweater/skirt/dress/anything but jeans, you will thank me. Having Chronic Pain means our Joints hate us, and loosening that pressure makes a big difference.
  8. See a Therapist. I’ve been seeing a therapist my whole life, but I realize we live in a world where sometimes it’s considered “Strange” or “Embarrassing” . It’s not, infact it’s extremely healthy for your mind. Anxiety and Depression can be a big part of this. I also suggest the app ‘Pacifica’; It’s very good for mental health.

I hope these tips helped, that’s all I could think of at the moment, but If I think of anymore I’ll make another post in the future. Let me know what helps you and your Chronic Pain in the comments below.




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