The Dreaded ‘H’ Word

Every year, families across the country, and even the world, come together for a few months out of the year to enjoy something that we now dread. The dreaded Holiday season. Holidays, when I was a kid, were the greatest part of the year. I couldn’t wait for Halloween, when I could be whoever I wanted to be;  Thanksgiving, when I could eat (and often cook) with my family and friends; Christmas… oh Christmas was just so damn fun. But over the past few years, Holidays have lost their appeal.

You see, Emily’s parents are divorced, and basically the holidays were when the parents would always argue about who can have the kids. Then I came into the picture, and for a short period things were moderated as I drove Emily and her sister between the parents’ homes. But since last year, when Darren and Jenn decided to shun Emily and myself (more me than Emily) due to our relationship, we’ve spent the last year uncertain of how the address this holiday season.

It has been a little over a year now since Emily and I lied to everyone about us, then 8 months ago we just came out flatly as being a couple. There is more of a story to this than I care to delve in to, but sufficed to say: the holiday season is hell for us.

Last Halloween, I went out as a Skeleton:


Emily was an adorable Dalmatian:


It was one of the first Halloweens I enjoyed in many years. Then Thanksgiving was when Emily felt forced to visit her father. Her step-mother didn’t talk to her or look at her the entire meal (she told me this, I wasn’t invited of course). Then Christmas was the same deal, except a bit worse, since Jenn went full bitch and stated gossiping about us and Darren had to make sure Emily left early before Jenn drank too much.

Anyway, this year we were originally planning to move before the holidays, but that didn’t work out, so now we’re feeling the ominous stress of the coming season. We always have my family, who, aside from my brother and step-sister, love Emily and I. But Emily feels wrong not seeing her family.

So this Halloween opens the season. And it feels, like last year, it’s open season on Emily and I for Bloomsburg, Darren, Jenn, and their circle of friends to bring us down. But Halloween will be fun at least, right?




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