“Who am I?” asked the mirror

  My depression has been running deeper lately and I can’t seem to put a stopper on it. I feel like it’s because we live in Bloomsburg, surrounded by people who hate us, with Emily’s family. Darren (Emily’s dad) is never supportive of Emily to the degree she deserves. He hates us being together, is never […]

Crying Times

Lately I haven’t been wearing makeup very often, and the reason for that is odd. I’ve actually been crying so much because of Pain or Panic attacks, or random disassociation, that I find a winged liner just doesn’t want to stay on throughout the day. This illness can be extremely isolating. It can make other’s […]

Taking you through a loved one’s depressive episode

Tim has Bipolar Disorder, which leads him to go into bouts of depression. Even though he is medicated, there are still manic and depressive episodes that happen. Today was Halloween. I dressed up as a Unicorn and he dressed up as a cool dark Skeleton/death/ unique all black costume. We trick or treated a bit […]

Money is the Chemo for the Cancer of Life

The title says it all, doesn’t it? Money really isn’t something that buys happiness, but it certainly helps to avert disaster. Over the past few years I’ve dug a hole for myself where I buy happiness with the little money I have (and sometimes don’t have). I graduated from college 1 year ago with 3 degrees […]