Puppy Love

Sorry for the long pause, for anyone that’s been following our blog. I haven’t been doing the best with my chronic pain, and I wasn’t in the writing mood for a little while. As a musician, sometimes I discipline myself and think that if I’m not writing songs, I shouldn’t be writing at all..and this is silly in retrospect. Hopefully I’ll continue to write here, and maybe post a new video on youtube.

I’m not sure if you guys know this about me, but I am Vegan. I care passionately about animals, so I do not consume animal products. That’s going to be a whole other post, but for now I want to talk about my puppies!

The Morkie on the left is Pluto, and the Maltese on the right is Tinkerbell

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 9.05.28 PM

I guess you can say that I’m kind of an unconventional “Dog Owner”..I don’t crate my dogs, they mainly go to the bathroom inside on dog pads, we get the best quality dog food we can afford, and they sleep on the bed with us. When it’s cold outside I put sweaters on my dogs because they are small and get cold easily. I give them what some consider “People Food” almost every time I prepare food, or snack. All of the things I mentioned,  at some point get negative comments about.

That is ironic to me, because I do all those things because I treat my pets like equals. I don’t feel like I am on top of the food chain, or that I have some sort of special right to eating fresh bananas, or carrots, or even a pasta noodle here and there. My dogs deal with  separation anxiety, and because I know what that feels like, I don’t like the idea of locking them in a tiny cage for hours. Instead, there is a special spot underneath the couch with blankets and pillows for when the dogs feel the need to burrow. Have I lost a couple lipsticks or letters because of their freedom? Of course, but those things aren’t as important as my dogs.

I grew up watching a neighbor a few houses down leave their dog outside for hours and hours, just to bark and be unhappy. Just because you can’t understand what they are saying, doesn’t mean that you should treat them as something below you. When my puppies  are curled up by my side during a bad pain spell, I know the comfort and happiness is mutual; and I think that is really important.


Soft Hugs,













The Story Of Tinkerbell

As you can see, in the family picture that I drew, my puppies are a big part of my family. Since I was little I always wanted a little dog. I’ve always been a big stuffed animal lover, so at one point I had a Poodle collection, then it was Dalmatians, then it was red and white dogs, and then build-a-bears. I still love my suffies, and I still sleep with them shamelessly.  I could never get a dog when I was living with my mother because we always had cats. I love all animals, but I still had that longing for a dog. My Boyfriend moved to where we are and got a loft like apartment with lots of space so that when I graduated I could live with him.

In the fall of last year, he and I were in New Jersey Visiting family, and we randomly decided to go to a Pet Store that I pointed out. I fell in love with a male maltese puppy, and from then on Tim promised me that in November of 2014 he would get me a puppy. Now, with most people I’m used to them not going through with promises, but a quality that Tim has is he is a man of his word.

The man at the Pet Store in my town said that they were getting in Malteses at a certain day. My mom took me to see them because Tim was at work, and at this point I was not living with him yet. “Here she is..” the man said. Originally, I had wanted a boy maltese, but when I saw that tiny little girl maltese puppy, I did not care. He handed me her and she fit in my two hands. She lay there, belly up, and closed her eyes calmly. I knew that she was the one I wanted.


A week later, Tim and I came to pick her up, and like he said, on his first check in November I was granted the company of my first puppy. I named her Tinkerbell, because I have a disney superstition about pet names, and because I’m obsessed with Peter Pan. I got her a little jingly collar and stayed with her sometimes at the apartment while Tim was at work, and sometimes at my Mom’s house. At this time in my life I was going through one of my depressed stages, and was trying out a bunch of new medications that were not working for me, so this was very therapeutic.


A year later, I recently just celebrated her first birthday and made her and Pluto a pupcake. Soon a post will be made about Pluto, but perhaps I’ll get My Puffin to do that one 😉

Now that I live with Tim I get to be with my Puppies all the time, and it’s so rewarding. I take them for baths and showers with me every 2 weeks or so, and they sleep in bed with us. They are very cuddly, but also hypoallergenic, which is good for my health problems.  I never regret them, always love.